Winters in Lavelle

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Anonymous asked: What's your other blog?

my main tumblr is mineraloid ! I don’t post terribly often, but that’s where I put a lot of my art, and I reblog Lavelle and Paracite Knights pages :>

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l-r-e-s asked: How's the comic going, are you feeling ok? ó.ò'

NOO I had a response to this written but then tumblr ate it! >A<

I’m ok, thank you so much for your concern! ;w; I’m sorry to make you worry. I mentioned this on my main tumblr, but I hecked up and totally failed to update here.

Basically, I’ve been contracted to write a game! I’m really excited to work on it, but since it’s so writing-heavy, it unfortunately means I have to put Lavelle on hold a bit while it’s in development. If I get ahead of schedule I’ll get back to doing a page here or there, but I can assure you that once I’m done I’ll be back to Lavelle with a vengeance!

(If you’re curious, the game is Hustle Cat, developed by datenighto! I’m profiling one character per week there right now <3)

Thank you again for your support, and I’m sorry for the trouble! ;A;